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Lactation cookies: The perfect snack for new moms

by Veena Nair 27 Nov 2021

To every mom, breastfeeding is a beautiful journey that develops a unique bond between her and the baby. Rewarding as it is, there are also days when as a new mom you are bleary-eyed, mentally drained and physically dehydrated. Intake of healthy and nutritious food must be an inevitable part of your day as it refuels and rehydrates your body. Along with restoring your body with the essential energy levels to get through the day, such diets go a long way in paving a roadmap towards healthy living.

While it may be overwhelming to attend to the ever-increasing demands of the baby, a new mom must remind herself that only if she caters to their body’s nutritional requirements would she be in a position to nurture her little one. As the saying goes, you cannot pour from an empty cup! Having said that, let us take a look at Charismomic lactation cookies, the finest in the Indian market, and their vital role during pregnancy and motherhood.

If scanty breast milk supply tops the list of your new-mom woes and you find yourself looking up “shop lactation cookies online in India” in vain, then you need to look no further! Our lactation cookies are packed with galactagogues and a host of Ayurvedic elements that are critical to maintaining your overall health. Straight out of a lactating mom’s dreams, these cookies are a powerhouse of Satavari, Yashtimadhu, Brown Rice & Oats, all of which are quintessential in boosting the overall production of breast milk.

New moms must be conscious of their food intake and be wary of synthetic food items that are detrimental to their health. Relying on natural products is a sure-shot way to staying healthy postpartum. What makes Charismomic lactation cookies a wholesome treat is that they are 100% natural and you can snack on these with your naptime tea without an iota of guilt! In fact, you end up feeling ecstatic that you have begun your journey of optimizing the quantity of breast milk that your little one is about to savour! And for moms-to-be, there isn’t a better way to satiate your pregnancy cravings (yes, midnight ones included!) than munching on these!

Being the best lactation cookies in the Indian market, they comprise of Shatavari herbs which are ancient, tried-and-tested formulas to augment your breastmilk production. It is widely known that Ayurvedic solutions are your safest and best bet when it comes to better skincare. These lactation cookies will have you vouch for the health hygiene aspect of Ayurvedic solutions as well.

What’s even better? Charismomic lactation cookies are loaded with a whole range of vitamins and minerals that are imperative in keeping your body intact, healthy and immune! Our lactation snack is a new spin on consuming ghee, honey and flax seeds. It gives you plenty of hydration and showers you with the benefits of calcium, proteins and Omega 3 fatty acids to keep you up and running through the day. If you’re looking for munchies baked with the purest of ingredients, our cookies are indeed the yummiest and best lactation snacks in India!

So, new moms and moms-to-be, what are you waiting for? Get a pack of our lactation cookies and let the goodness of breastmilk flow!

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