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Lactation Cookies: The superfood for breastfeeding moms

by Veena Nair 09 Dec 2021

There cannot be a better way to nourish your infant than through your breast milk. While it is a gift given to new moms by nature, there are myriad times we see them struggling with the breastfeeding process. It is sometimes hard work, isn’t it? More often than not, this occurs when they neglect their own health to make room for nurturing the little one.

Think of it this way! A new mom’s body is like a machine that requires fuel – which is none other than food, in this case - for its smooth and efficient functioning. Of course, this doesn’t mean that pregnant women have to eat for two or that new moms have to stuff their faces with every possible edible item in the kitchen. The key to a healthy body is exercising your ability to choose between food loaded with natural ingredients and those comprising artificial agents. There is no denying that both types of food impart value to your body in some way or the other. But consumption of natural food will help you traverse on a road towards overall wellbeing for you and your baby through sufficient breastmilk production. After all, a healthy mom equals a healthy baby!

One of the primary ways to boost your milk production is through Charismomic lactation cookies. Of course, you’d already guessed that benefit – there’s a reason why these cookies are called lactation cookies! But let us tell you something you probably did not know. Charismomic lactation cookies, unlike any other lactation cookies, have pure and natural Ayurvedic solutions that optimize your milk supply.

What’s more in terms of benefits? Our lactation cookies, known to be the finest in India, are packed with proteins, vitamins, minerals, phytohormones, antioxidants, and a host of other powerful nutrients that enhance your breastmilk supply along with improving your body's health. So, new moms out there, your quest to shop lactation cookies online in India has come to an end! Browse through our website, order Charismomic lactation cookies and feel delighted to indulge in the best lactation snacks in India.

Charismomic lactation cookies are nutrient dense with oats and a large amount of dietary fiber that enable smooth digestion and promote easy bowel movements. If as a new mom you have faced constipation, then it is high time you buy Charismomic lactation cookies, touted to be the top lactation snack in India. No more searching online to shop for the best lactation cookies in India, because you have indeed come to the right place!

Hopping on to another major benefit delivered by the lactation cookies. Have there been days when you go through a period of unhappiness, irritability and anxiety that puts you on a perpetual mood swing? Every mom faces a little bit of baby blues which goes away in a few weeks, but postpartum depression is something that needs to be tackled. The best way to do this is by snacking on our Charismomic lactation cookies! Drive away your new mom woes by shopping for the best lactation cookies online in India.

Charismomic is a one-stop solution for all kinds of mommy essentials. Apart from providing the yummiest and best lactation snacks in India, we also have an array of fashionable diaper bags for moms, pregnancy skin care products and a whole range of pregnancy dresses online in India. Looking for Ayurvedic skincare products for preganancy? We, at Charismomic, have got you covered!

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