About us

We Believe

We believe motherhood is simply the most meaningful experience in a woman’s life. And we are well aware that it’s a ride, exhilarating, emotional, and bumpy at times. Charismomic is here to provide access to a world of thoughtful products
that make sure you are not just well taken care of, but you continue living your life, during this phase.


A team of experts to ensure that every product crafted at Charismomic touches and makes a difference in the lives of women. It is this thoughtfulness that has made Charismomic a brand to reckon with.


A doctor. An entrepreneur. A mother.

Veena’s boundless energy and her keen attention to detail are what drive Charismomic. A firm believer in ‘doing it right’, her approach is always methodical and scientific, as much as it is intuitive and full of heart.

Her vision for Charismomic goes beyond the transactional and her mission is quite simple – to make a difference in a woman’s lives. Her inspiration comes from the many positive’ women who continue to do so much and play so very many roles, in their lives

There is so much to do’, she says, ‘and so much we can!’.

Dr Veena Nair, Founder